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Tennis Benches as Recycled Recliners

The other day I found myself sitting on a bench made of an interesting material. I would not have given it a second thought, but I realized I wasn’t burning my bottom on hot aluminum or steel. The material was brown. Brown I wondered? Upon looking a little more intently on this brown seat to rest and recline my tired body, I saw a decal that read the bench was made with 1,050 recycled plastic milk jugs. I was impressed.

Consumers always thought of recycling but never really acted upon it until recent decades. Even though Earth Day was named in April 1970 by a US Senator, it really gained momentum in the 1990’s through the present. During that time, it also became an international movement where other countries celebrated Earth Day as well.  Some even extended it to Earth Week.

So we know about recycling the basics such as plastic bottles, cartons, glass bottles, and aluminum cans and so forth. The list is long, yet the end result of all our recycling efforts can be fascinating just like that sturdy bench that offered me a seat. The other side of recycling is reusing. The internet offers a galore of websites to peak your creative side in recycling-reusing our everyday discards. Children’s crafts many times use empty cartons or toilet paper rolls. This all makes recycling fun and involves and teaches young ones.

A great example of reusing can be found at Rotterdam’s Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen,  where you will come upon a lovely tennis bench like no other.  This bench is brought to us by Dutch designer Tejo Remy. He used real tennis balls to create this work of art. It is quite a sight to see. It resembles a giant piece of PVC pipe covered in yellow balls. Museum visitors can sit and muse at the art hanging on the walls. Some are even giving this designer some ideas to make a tennis ball couch. How comfortable would it be to sit on? Not sure, but you may want to bring a lint roller with you.

tennis bench at Museum Boijmans

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen/Artist Tejo Remy

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You Are Cordially Invited to a Tennis Bag Marriage

How many of us are waiting for such an invitation in our mailbox? Why can’t some of the hottest tennis bag styles marry the similar looks of finer name brand handbags found at high-end stores? Will someone please invent this for the small population of us that wants it all, and right now! Talk about entitlement.

Let’s have Court Couture meet up with Coach purse makers.                                                                                                                                                                                                        What about Cortiglia having a rendezvous with Louis Vuitton? Envision it- your fingertips feeling the quality, your nose smelling the fine leather. Sorry, this is no place for tennis ball boas.

Tennis bags have come into their own in recent years. It is no longer the vintage bags of old that resembled bowling ball bags. Tennis bags have morphed into a beautiful butterfly, yet very few makers are out there of such exquisiteness. We’re not talking Maggie Mather bags, nor are we bashing those. If you are seeking simple and functional, then Maggie Mather is certainly your bag.

If you want someone to have a double-take at your handbag, this is what we’re talking about.  Purse fiends around the globe need a bag that has that dainty Court Couture look, maintaining that same shape, perhaps a tad smaller, but minus the hole opening for the Cortiglia tennis bagtennis racket to protrude. We want such a purse minus the beverage container too. Cortiglia has a tennis tote that stands up true. Most name brand purses flop over.
By the way, why should tennis bags get all the pockets? The mainstream purses should get just as many pockets, yet have that glamorous look. Regular purses are being excluded from having that handy hide-a-way clip to hang the purse wherever needed. It’s just not fair.

This utopian bag wouldn’t be for sports. It would go from work and into the evening, while dining at a 5 star restaurant. Woman want to look good. With all the money spent on surgeries, cosmetics, manicures/pedicures, the discriminating woman would not waste a moment to obtain the latest and greatest of these two worlds meshing.
Until then, that small population of purse fanatics will suffer until this marriage finally takes place.


Tennis Shoes for the Modern Woman

For many decades, tennis shoes for women have pretty much all looked the same. There had not been a significant change in appearance until recent times. When shopping for such footwear, the standard colour had always been white; sometimes with white streaks on the sides. White on white, what a novelty then. In that era, it was mostly the design of the bottom of the shoe that was highlighted rather than the aesthetic aspects of the upper portion, that is obviously more visible.

From the late 1990’s to the present, tennis shoes for women  became a fashion statement and “bling” was and currently is still very popular.Up until then there was nothing fashionable about tennis shoes nor was there anything pretty about having to find tennis shoes with a larger than normal toebox to accommodate your bunions. Use of mesh had not really become hip yet to cater to your sweaty feet.

Nowadays female tennis players can get fashionable tennis shoes to satisfy such problems and they are proudly made by the same companies that manufacture their reputable tennis gear. Babolat, Prince, Head, and Wilson are the most prominent companies that make tennis racquets as well as tennis shoes for women. While all these are good, quality shoes, Prince and Babolat scored some rave reviews.

Babolat has some amazing colours. While looks matter to the vanity market, the performance of the shoe cannot be overlooked. Backed by Michelin durability, you can count on Babolat tennis shoes to have much traction on the courts. The technology incorporated into these shoes has taken into consideration injury prevention, addressing heel cushioning and features lightweight construction. This company offers an “out of the box comfort” with a “no break in” period required.

Prince serves up their Lightspeed and T Series for women that will give the most finicky of female tennis players an opportunity to select a colourful shoe without sacrificing safety, support, and performance on the court. Shock absorption is addressed with their signature cushioning. Mesh is also a standard component in this shoe.

With other popular shoes such as New Balance, consumers are not disappointed when finding an attractive wide width shoe. The fashion sense has seeped over into the men’s styles as indicated by the variety of greens, blues, and reds found in tennis shoes, thereby unifying the genders. Having an array of fashionable tennis shoes, the next task for women is to find that fashionable tennis bag to match!