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You Are Cordially Invited to a Tennis Bag Marriage

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How many of us are waiting for such an invitation in our mailbox? Why can’t some of the hottest tennis bag styles marry the similar looks of finer name brand handbags found at high-end stores? Will someone please invent this for the small population of us that wants it all, and right now! Talk about entitlement.

Let’s have Court Couture meet up with Coach purse makers.                                                                                                                                                                                                        What about Cortiglia having a rendezvous with Louis Vuitton? Envision it- your fingertips feeling the quality, your nose smelling the fine leather. Sorry, this is no place for tennis ball boas.

Tennis bags have come into their own in recent years. It is no longer the vintage bags of old that resembled bowling ball bags. Tennis bags have morphed into a beautiful butterfly, yet very few makers are out there of such exquisiteness. We’re not talking Maggie Mather bags, nor are we bashing those. If you are seeking simple and functional, then Maggie Mather is certainly your bag.

If you want someone to have a double-take at your handbag, this is what we’re talking about.  Purse fiends around the globe need a bag that has that dainty Court Couture look, maintaining that same shape, perhaps a tad smaller, but minus the hole opening for the Cortiglia tennis bagtennis racket to protrude. We want such a purse minus the beverage container too. Cortiglia has a tennis tote that stands up true. Most name brand purses flop over.
By the way, why should tennis bags get all the pockets? The mainstream purses should get just as many pockets, yet have that glamorous look. Regular purses are being excluded from having that handy hide-a-way clip to hang the purse wherever needed. It’s just not fair.

This utopian bag wouldn’t be for sports. It would go from work and into the evening, while dining at a 5 star restaurant. Woman want to look good. With all the money spent on surgeries, cosmetics, manicures/pedicures, the discriminating woman would not waste a moment to obtain the latest and greatest of these two worlds meshing.
Until then, that small population of purse fanatics will suffer until this marriage finally takes place.

One thought on “You Are Cordially Invited to a Tennis Bag Marriage

  1. Love it! I know the whole marriage of fashion and functionality is what these designers were going for when they started their brands. And you are right, they are so much more than just a fashionable bag because of all the pockets and the fact that they HAVE to be functional. I think Louis Vuitton could learn a thing or two from these women.

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