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Goals for 2013

With the new year upon us, its newness inspires many to set goals. The most popular we hear at the office water cooler are to lose weight or quit smoking or start a new relationship. Maybe even end one. What do you have set for goals for 2013?

For some, the problem of setting goals defies them as they feel disappointment when they cannot reach their goal.  So turn it around if that happens. Use that disappointment to be the impetus in setting up another goal and reaching it.

Some want to pick up a new hobby or sport. A popular sport which is both adult friendly and kid friendly  is tennis. That is the beauty of this sport. If older players have children, they can play the game together allowing for some quality family time, while allowing for some hearty exercise simultaneously.  Times have changed in recent decades as the sport has trickled from high school and college down into  the elementary campuses supporting the game for younger aged children.Wilson racket

Unbeknownst to some, what is special is that there is a wide array of junior and beginner tennis racquets for any age or play level.  When you are new at something, there is a sense of awkwardness. Beginner tennis racquets help in making the player more proficient. There is more interest now by many sponsors to catapult more court mongers amongst the population. Don’t let the looming fiscal cliff browbeat you. If you cannot purchase the latest and greatest Babolat tennis racket, then get a Wilson that fits any budget.

Golf is another fun pastime for adults. Being outdoors is good for the human spirit. Although, golf is a little more expensive to play than tennis.  Plus you may have to play at an unfavorable tee time. For a real indoor challenge, how about learning a foreign language? Parlez-vous français? Como esta? Ich liebe diche.


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In an effort to make more friends, you could enroll in gourmet cooking classes. You  can always count on your comrades to show up at feeding time.  There exists a kitchen magnet that reads, “Many have eaten here and gone on to lead normal lives”.  If that is how your friends felt before about your culinary talent, give them a surprise.

Those were some beneficial goals to reach out for. If 2013 doesn’t work out, there’s always 2014.